Sitting on the beach this morning watching the waves roll in was amazing, I found a lovely spot on the rocks to sit down, close my eyes and absorb the sun, feeling the beautiful rays on my face.  Then I heard the joyous laughter of children, I opened my eyes and saw kids and their father kicking a ball into the waves and running after the ball to kick it out again.  Then I realised once again how important it is to be involved in your kid’s sport activities and what a wonderful experience it for  parents and kids.

Parents have different ways in getting their kids involved in sport, some get their kids to practice, wash their uniforms and at times put in the effort to go watch their match, but somehow, they fall short when it comes to healthy emotional support.  So, in my mind we get sports parents and then there is the great sports parents knowing who they are and what they want to do to help their kids reach their goal.

As parents we know that youth sports should be fun, and we must let kids enjoy every moment.  Great sports parents not only recognise that youth sports should be fun for kids, but they also share in the fun with their kids.

Parents should enjoy the journey with their kids, look for those little victories, they should know that mistakes are for learning and it is ok for kids to fail.  By allowing your kids to learn from mistakes is the key to their growth, this allows them to wipe the slate clean and move on to better their chance of reaching their potential. 

I have found that there are a few basic steps for kids to reach success in their sports, they are:

  • Show up for practice.
  • Be on time.
  • Also have a great attitude
  • Always try to do thing right consistently.

During my time of coaching, I found that unfortunately kids do not always understand that success must be earned with faithfulness and loyalty. Success is not just handed out to anyone; it is something that you need to work at.

Parents and kids are a team, and this will help your kids when they play sports and that it takes a team to get anything done. Parents should not push their young kids to hard as it may backfire in several ways.  The child might want to quit as they are burned out and it could deteriorate the relationship and the kids might just learn to tune you out.

Enrolling your kids at First Touch for football offers them that opportunity to be part of a team, learn new skills, tactics, and techniques in football. Kids learn to believe in the bigger picture that youth football introduces, giving an advantage during their adult lives.

Youth football is not just about wins, stats, and college scholarships it teaches kids the key lessons and what is important in sports.  They get to make loads of new friends and the wonderful opportunity to join a league team and be part of a team in competitive football.

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