Way back before social media, TV and videos games, playing football in the parks or in the street was something that kids did on a daily basis.  Kids would race home from school to be able to get at least 1 hour of football before they had to start their homework.  This would be repeated daily as many times during the week in order to try and improve on their “football skills”.

During these games timing was very important as the ball would bobble along and your speed of thought had to be quick.  Normally there were more players playing football in the local park and scanning and screening were in constant use due to the number of players and limited space.

Today at least there are football clubs like First Touch that have the coaches with the knowledge to training children all the tactics of football.  Football is a decision making game and traditional methods of coaching have been the cornerstone of football development.

Our coaches are aware of the fact that mistakes are part of the learning process and the result is not how we measure success at this level.  By encouraging young players to be brave on the ball instead of passing at every opportunity will produce young football players with more confidence.  By practicing this process it will encourage better decision making as football players will have more freedom to take ownership of their development.

First Touch coaches know that everything they teach does not have to be in a controlled manner and to allow the kids to be brave on the ball and make mistakes.  Coaches knows how to differentiate their coaching methods to meet the needs of the players who might find the practice too hard or too easy.  When coaches can effectively differentiate in their sessions they will be able to cater to the needs of all their players and will not have situations where some players are finding the session to easy or even becoming bored and frustrated that they cannot perform the task that has been set.

It is important for children from ages 5-9 years  to join a club with good coaches, this will give them the opportunity to be able to enrol in league teams.  Football camps are great to encourage children’s passion and fine-tune their talent and give them exposure that makes them well-rounded and versatile players.  Players exposed to different positions on the pitch will become a well-rounded player with extensive knowledge about all field positions.

It is important to help your child reach their full potential on the football field and hopefully become a professional player, but it is just as important to make sure that they also receive good education.


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