We all have different ways of dealing with stress, some of us would go for a long run, others like to meditate. With the gyms closed and so much uncertainty surrounding our new “Normal” most of us are now seeking “happiness” in that most trustworthy of friends -FOOD.

We should be concerned about our obesity levels rising due to the growing rate of eating to try and cope with the stress and boredom. This is the time to be kind to ourselves and make good use of our choices with our exercise and eating habits. Our program for exercise should not be insanely challenging as it should offer us release and a chance to get the heart rate up and feel a rush of endorphins. The food that we eat plays just as important role in coping with our new regulations of social distancing and isolation, a strict diet could add more stress to our daily lives, and we should let ourselves off the hook a bit.

By emphasising on fast carbs, we might just be doing ourselves more harm than good. Some of our comfort foods, such as potato chips, biscuits, pancake mixes, pretzels that taste so darn good, could leave us feeling sluggish after consumption. These are so popular for economic reasons as they are accessible, relatively cheap and have a long shelf life.

Due to the pandemic, fast carbs are clearing off the supermarket shelves and could accelerate the onset of diabetes and heart disease. So, to keep your health and weight in check it is important to drastically cut down on junk food and foods that contains fast carbs, i.e. starches, corn, refined grains, and sugar. These foods lack fibre and are highly processed, they are rapidly absorbed and convert to glucose in your body, this causes blood insulin and sugar levels to spike and prevent the release of hormones that quench hunger. 

These foods are so processed and the calories in them do not pass through your system undigested, these calories are available to our bodies and could accelerate weight gain. 

Just like anything in our lives, foods must be consumed in moderation and it goes without saying that the less often you eat fast foods the less you will crave them. Amidst all the craziness that is going on, we all need to be kind to our bodies and look after our health and remember to get daily exercises.

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