It is sad and heart-wrenching to see the affect that Covid 19 is having across the world and the feeling of helplessness.  If you are one of these people feeling it you can either choose to let panic feed on your mind and body, and let it grow stronger at the expense of your life, or you can choose to see your situation in perspective, stay positive and end the panic right now.

How do you withstand the huge waves of a crisis?  First Touch have put together a few ways to consider:

  • Focus on the positives, there are always some positives you can find.
  • Take stock with meditation – meditate on what happened and your response to the crisis.
  • Give thanks – it will not be easy to be thankful in the face of harsh challenges but focus on what you do have.
  • Reach out to others who might be badly affected by the crisis, talk to them and listen, offer your help where possible, however small it may be.  Helping others who are less fortunate than you also help you to put things in perspective.
  • Limit bad news intake.
  • During stressful times we are likely to get less sleep, but you will need more quality sleep to remain energetic, focused and clear-headed.
  • Yoga gives you strength, flexibility and mind-body awareness, helping you to stay flexible and strong without putting added stress on your joints.  You get the added benefit of a mind-body approach that can help you relax and energize.  Try yoga with your kids visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X655B4ISakg
  • If you have children and you are all at home waiting for the wonderful day when lock-down will be something of the past, it is important to remember that children feel when you are stressed and it could make them feel anxious.  Spend some quality time with them, play some board games, maybe bake cookies or plan a family meal.  Another great idea is doing exercise together making it filled with fun and laughter.  Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McD6_oOWs-M.
  • To keep children happy and active, think back on some of the “old fashion” games you play at school, there are plenty on them that can be played indoors.  Do you remember “Follow the Leader”?  If you have several kids at home this activity can be great and is one of the easy ways to keep fit and have loads of fun.  You can be the leader or one of the children, all the players will have to mimic what the leader does, laughing, jumping jacks, push-ups, dancing etc. etc.

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