The time is here to get excited about summer camps.  Why not add an exciting week or more at First Touch/Will to Win Summer sports camp to their list!  They will love it.

Sport camps gives your son or daughter the perfect opportunity to stay active and have loads of fun as the summer weeks roll by.  Your children will wake up every day feeling excited to learn new skills, become better teammates, athletes and make new friends.  As a parent you will rest easy knowing that your children are doing something they love – playing games and sports.  

Our camps are designed to introduce your child to a new group of aspiring fellow athletes with a fun-first atmosphere to enable your child to relax, be themselves and be open to new friends and new experiences.  They will have the chance to meet new friends with different backgrounds, different schools and also with different sports interests.

Your children will discover by getting out there and making new friends the world is a better and more exciting place where strangers quickly become friends and teammates support them on and off the field. 

Our sports camps are designed so that your child has a good balance of work and play.  The coaches and mentors at our camp want your children to have fun in a supportive environment.  They are aware that children wants to learn new skills to improve their game and show off to friends and family.  Therefore practices are important to hone skills and learn new techniques allowing them to try out their new moves.

Practicing teamwork is a great way for your child to enjoy the positive reinforcement that comes from being part of a team.  During camps children practice to support friends and learn to be self-less and self-aware.

The camps will help your child to learn new sport skills and life skills over the summer, they will discover that they have the ability to improve and be a great teammate without any distraction.  Children will remember that playing a game is just playing games and having fun. 

This summer is the right SUMMER to get started!

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