Another day of lock-down and another day to keep the kids occupied.  So today, First Touch is making use of the inexpensive, fuzzy yellow balls, yes tennis balls.  There are so many games kids could play using a tennis ball – let your imagination go to work.

Great for hand-eye coordination, give the kids a large-mouth plastic cup or any unbreakable cup and let them face each other, starting close and toss the tennis ball into the cup being held by the kid standing opposite them.  After each kid has had a turn, both will take a step backwards and repeat the toss and catch, keep repeating and the kid who catches the most balls is the winner.

Mark a starting and finish line with masking tape and give each kid a tennis ball.  The kids will place the ball in front of them on the ground at the starting line and use their noses to nudge the ball to the finish line, the first one to reach the finish line wins.

Cut a 2-inch slit in each tennis ball and let the kids draw a monster face on the ball, sprinkle popcorn kernels all over the floor and set a timer for one minute.  The kids will use their monsters to pick up the kernels, when the timer goes off the kids that has picked up the most kernels is the winner.

Here are a few simple exercises using a tennis ball for the whole family to participate in.

To flatten your belly, lie on your back with the ball in your left hand, lift legs and torso so your body forms a “V” and scissor legs up and down alternating sides.  As your right leg lifts, pass the ball underneath it to your right hand, repeat as left leg lifts by passing the ball back to your left hand.  Always remember to keep your core muscles contracted.

For cardio, channel your inner child and play a little handball.  Bounce the ball against any wall and as it returns give it a good smack with your open hand, try to keep the ball moving for 30 seconds and repeat three times.  Running after the ball will torch lots of calories and timing your hits will boost your coordination as well.

Toning your thighs, remember when you were a kid and you would toss a ball high to see how long it would take to come back down.  Try it again but add a squat while the ball is in the air. Be sure to sit back on your heels, bring your butt down in line with your knees (not letting your knees go past your toes), contract your abs and squeeze your glutes at the top of the more.

Treat your aching tootsies to a little ball therapy, by placing the ball under the arch of one foot, then roll it slowly from heel to toe and back for 5 minutes.  If you hit a tender spot, relax into it for about 5 seconds until you feel the tightness release.

“Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath, smile and start again”!

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