Tennis for All

All sports are great for so many different reasons, most sports offer great workouts camaraderie, competition, and fun.  Then we ask ourselves “what sport is the best”? Well tennis of course!

No matter your age if you can hold a racket and take a swing at the ball you are ready to give tennis a chance. Compared to other sports, tennis is very safe as most injuries are related to overuse, but with proper exercise this can be minimized or even eliminated.  Everyone loves to have fun without the risk of injury.

At some or other stage we all have the dreadful day, and sometimes not just one day, but a few in a row.  You wake up in the morning and everything start going wrong as you forgot to buy milk, you need to shower but due to a burst pipe down the road you have no water, so already you feel like the day can just get better.  You dash off to work and the traffic is heavy, but you just make it to work on time.

You have such a lot to do and start making silly mistakes and the more you try and concentrate and do things “right” the more you make mistakes, eventually you are done and work and back in the traffic and wondering what else could go wrong today.  You are angry and feel frustrated for having such a bad day and then you remember that you have your trainers and racket in the car.

When you have a tough day at work or at home, go smash some balls on the tennis court, there is no better way to relieve stress than hitting a ball as hard as you can and it feels great when they go in.  Tennis is better than an anger management session and offer even more benefits.

Most sports are great workouts, but tennis offer fun and anaerobic activity, as tennis players are almost constantly in motion, using nearly every muscle in their body.  A good game of tennis involves short sprints and constant change of direction and motion in every possible angle.

Another great thing about tennis is that even if it is snowing outside you can find an indoor court and have a blast. Sure, summer is peak tennis season, but there is no off-season!

One thing to remember you can be a great player, but not fulfil your potential if your mental game is weak.  By playing tennis it will help get you in good shape, stimulating your mind in ways that other sports do not.  Playing tennis will fortify your mind, helping you out in other areas of your life as well.

Tennis at amateur level is just as much fun as it is competition, it is a very social sport allowing you to have fun with your friends and opponents.

You can start playing tennis from an incredibly young age and if you are lucky enough to live till 100 years why not continue playing tennis. 

Why wait, visit https://www.first-touch.co.uk/product/tennis-for-kids-adults-pack-of-20/ and get your private lessons with one of First Touch experts.

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Tennis For All

Tennis can be a great workout and lots of fun. Whether your dreams are to be a professional player one day or just enjoy playing tennis.

Training sessions will be held by one of our First Touch coaches and will relate to:

  1. Body Strenght
  2. Body Development
  3. Muscle Memory
  4. Fitness

This will be the new set up from next week.
Pack of 10 – £550.00
7 Tennis Lesson
3 Training Sessions

The above must be used over a 2-month period.

Pack of 15 – £815.00
12 Tennis Lesson
3 Training Sessions

The above must be used over a 2-month period.

Pack of 20 – £1060.00
16 Tennis Lessons
4 Training Session

The above must be used over a 4-month period.

Tennis lessons will be held at Hyde Park.

The training sessions will be in the park next to the Tennis Centre with training coach.

As soon as your payment has been received, your lessons will be booked and confirmed.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Cancellation must be 24 hours notice
  2. Must be used with 6 months of purchase.
  3. Credit cannot be transferred to anyone else
  4. Rain the coach will agree 60-30min before lesson.
  5. Once payment is made lessons will be confirmed.
  6. Any lessons paid for but not taken within a period of three-months will be deemed to have been taken at which thime there will be no refund offered.