All football players practice, but true league team players train and this difference is a big deal.  Weekends kids come to practice, they dribble through cones, learn new moves and get the opportunity to scrimmage at the end to mimic game application.  As kids get older their teams may become more skilled and play against better competition, that is way players truly have to train.

In order to be part of a league team, practice is an integral part of developing as a player.  During team practice, players learn general knowledge of the game, learning foundational movement, passing, receiving, foot skills, team formations and more. 

Private training is amazing and serves the purpose of focusing exclusively on your football player. Private training helps players to develop mental focus and determination, improving small but important technical details and work on creativity.  Many players lack creativity due to fear of failure or feeling like they have to accomplish exactly what their coaches tell them.  First Touch coaches gently push football player to step outside of what they think is possible and additionally push individual development to reflect the ideas taught in team practice, allowing for a seamless merging of development at practice and in games.

To completely develop a football player we focus on every aspect of their skill set, both individually and as a teammate.  These include:

  • Physical conditioning
  • Mental awareness
  • Knowledge of the game (team tactics, formations etc.)
  • Individual technique
  • Team Tactics
  • Communication

Should a player only focus on the team aspect of development they will not develop fully as an individual and on the other hand, if a player only trains individually they will not be able to adjust to their team required demands of the game. A true fact is that individual training and team practice go hand in hand and completes the football player.


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