As the days go by while we are in lock-down we start feeling rather sad as we are missing our friends and families, the hugs and kisses and sharing meals. Try to set up your favourite socializing time with your friends and family on your laptop or phone, a good idea is a breakfast club. Each member of your club will prepare their breakfast, tea, coffee or fruit juice and enjoy breakfast and chatting like before, all in the comfort of your own house. It is surprising what a difference it can make to a day of isolation.

This can even be a good way to making new friends, if each participant invites a new friend very soon you will have lots of new friends all sharing different ideas to stay active and positive while you are in lock-down. There is a vast number of clubs you could form, from new mother’s club, book clubs, football and/or sports club just to mention a few.  By doing something like this you will be able to reach so many friends and anyone who is missing out on regular contact.

Exercise is important not just for your health but also a social activity, use FaceTime, WhatsApp or whatever program you have available and work out with a friend.  Arrange an on-line party with your friends and family – this is a new experience and dancing for half an hour is great cardio exercise.

Have fun with the kids, firstly get comfortable with the mess, manage the chaos with a tidy-up half-hour before they go to bed.  Give kids some control, they are always more willing to throw themselves into things if they feel it was partly their idea.  Their imaginations are better than yours.

Create an activity jar, take a large jar and lots of squares of paper, each one writes an activity on the piece of paper, play a board game, make a milkshake etc.  Whenever anyone says “I am bored” you pick an activity from the jar, the only rule is you all must do it before you can pick another activity. To add an element of trepidation slip some chores into the jar, clean your room, mop the floors, etc., this way the jar will not be empty by the end of day two and the house might not look as if a bomb has hit it.

We are all apprentices when it comes to lock-down and anything out of the ordinary is always more fun.  Why not have a picnic on the carpet rather than sitting at the table for a mealtime.

For children it is a good idea to have a daily schedule –

  • Breakfast
  • Chore time
  • The main activity of the day
  • Mid-Morning Snack
  • Free play
  • Lunch
  • Naptime / Quiet time
  • Outdoor play
  • Mid-afternoon snack
  • Screen time
  • Fitness Fun
  • Dinner / Bath Time / Bedtime

Positive Thoughts in the Morning can Change your Whole Day!

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