A long walk in the park with my dog was what I needed to set things right for the day.  While taking a short break sitting on the park bench, I noticed a few kids kicking a ball, or riding a bike. I realised that there must be lots of kids that are bored as the lockdown has stripped them of their freedom and at times their sanity.  Their once jam-packed social, sports, and just playing with their friends’ schedules are no more.

This unique scenario may be the first time in most of our lifetimes that it is acceptable to slow down and live very much in the moment.  I am sure that this is easier said than done for kids that were able to play and be active with their friends all year round.

As a parent I am always busy, from hectic work schedule, keeping fit and staying on top of that dreaded life admin, I rarely take the time to reflect on the current situation.  Maybe this is the time to think about what aspects of our life do we like? And which we dislike, and what we would like to change.  This could be the ideal time to take the opportunity to reflect on our lives or starting a new chapter in our lives.

This is the golden opportunity to sit with your children and note down their recent achievements, small or big as well as what they would like to tackle next.  Get them to think about how they are going to achieve these goals, reflecting, and looking to the future are great ways to stay positive during the current situation and once some form of normality returns, they will be feeling more motivated than ever.

Remind you kids that because they cannot see their friends it does not mean they cannot see them, with the wonderful apps that is available there is really no excuse not to stay in touch with friends and loved ones.  For all of us it is important to stay connected during a time when it is easy to feel alone.

Get out your kid’s favourable sports photo album with all their First Touch weekend football session photos, there is nothing more comforting than flicking through a photo album and reminiscing on memories passed. For kids, a trip down memory lane will make them appreciate the experiences they have had.

It is important to carefully watch our children to make sure that they are not getting stressed or depressed during this period.  Some signs to watch out for is:

  • Not eating well.
  • Getting angry.
  • Not sleeping enough.
  • Just sitting around with no interested to play outside etc.

Should your kid be showing any of these signs it is a good idea to try First Touch Life Coaching.  This will give your child the necessary tools to tackle whatever they need to face that is making them unhappy.

I know this might sound stupid, but sometimes it can be a real luxury doing nothing. We are so used to having plans, whether it is attending you son’s football league match or work commitments, so why not embrace this once in a lifetime opportunity to do absolutely nothing, no rush to leave the house on time to miss the morning rush, for me especially no debating which outfit to wear.  By focusing on the positives and embracing simplicity is sure to make things a little bit easier.

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