Three years ago, it would never have crossed my mind that our lives would change so drastically, especially when it came to the holiday season.  I looked forward to shopping for toys for the kids and would get excited playing with the kids and their new toys, I did not like to stop for the holiday dinners and would set my place at the table with the kids so that I could eat faster and get back to the games and fun. 

To me kids are much more interesting than adults and quite different and to create a powerful bond I think that it is important for parents to really think like our children and take their perspective into consideration.  If you take the time to learn how your kid feels and thinks you will be able to understand their reaction better.

If you can understand your kid’s temperament and their personality it can help you to understand how he/she views the world as well as their behaviour.  Temperament refers to the traits a child is born with and it helps them make sense of the world, and it also plays a large role in how they react to different situations. So, it is important to understand your child’s temperament as you can easily label you child without really understanding them.

Each temperament has its own traits, and the four key temperaments are:

  • Melancholic: analytical, orderly, traditional.
  • Choleric: short-tempered, fast-paced, irritable.
  • Sanguine: social, active, lively.
  • Phlegmatic: peaceful, tolerant, laid-back.

Children view the world differently than we do and they internalize situations differently, e.g. if a toddler does not get to drink out of their favourite cup they may have a meltdown, this is not just because they are being difficult, but because they really love that cup.  A school-aged child might cry after their football team loses a match because they are truly heartbroken.  How you react to your child’s reactions makes all the difference, instead of mocking or discrediting your child’s feeling or even labelling them as silly, listen to your child.

Try to remember what it was like when you were a child and how you viewed the world, as we often forget how we felt when we were growing up because we are so consumed with everything going on in our adult lives.

Due to the lockdown parents’ lives are even more complicated, as kids cannot play with their friends, giving them a hug or high-fives, they are missing out on their weekend football club and boredom plays a role in them acting out.

This is a good time to let them try something new like online sessions, First Touch coaches are well prepared to deliver a varied online programme which we are confident will keep our players fit, stimulated, and engaged throughout the lockdown, as well as maintaining a sense of team spirit during another difficult period. We would ask parents to encourage their children to take part in as many sessions as possible so that once we are out of the lockdown, our players will have kept the team camaraderie alive and continued their progression despite not being allowed on pitch.

This is a great opportunity for kids booked on our app or drop us an email info@first-touch.co.uk

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