We often wonder why kids birthday parties are so important to kids, well for kids it is an important milestone and parents should take it seriously.  The reality is that celebrating your kids birthday party is not the magic solution for good parenting, but it is a big ticket item that makes a difference.  If you already value your kids birthday parties, it may be because your parents always made your birthday parties special.

Kids are born with the capacity to retain information and to learn, but their experiences as early as the age of 1 year, lay a foundation for how well these and other skills develop. If a kid’s experiences are comprised of events where they are being celebrated they will grow a higher level of self-importance.  This contrasts to a kid who may feel uncertainty in themselves and their significance.

We have found that by celebrating birthday parties specifically can help kids build relationships at school and may set them up with friends for life.   It is already hard for kids to work through the social barriers, from embarrassment to shyness, puberty, bullying and low self-esteem, so when we as parents have the opportunity to create a special birthday part where our kids can have positive interaction with each other, it often sets the stage for them to learn how to make friends in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our kids birthday parties are rare events which are focused on one child at a time.  By doing this is provides an excellent opportunity for parents to create a setting where kids are the center point of positive energy and attention.

Even if your budget is a bit tight one possible option would be to book your kids birthday party with First Touch, where the party is loaded with fun and coaches who play sport activities to help kids feel special and important. Depending of which package you choose, the tables are set and we will try and accommodate all your special requirements. Above all the coaches will focus on giving your kid the spotlight so that he/she can shine and experience a memory that will last a lifetime.

Most kids that experience a good birthday party, will remember it forever.  Maybe even at the age of 30 years they will think back on the event and will still appreciate their parents for it. 

From a practical standpoint the benefits of booking you kids birthday party venue is that there is no clean up.  You can save time avoiding the painful planning and set-up process allowing you the time to attending to your busy schedule. 

The benefits of a birthday party is that it literally “turns a page” for your kids and transforms their birthday into a true milestone that gets celebrated. 

Bear in mind your kids are only young once and would possibly go to college at the age 18, so you will have 6,570 days to make good memories and give your child the gift of importance when they celebrate their next birthday.


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