As a parent, you might be wondering why they should enrol their child at First Touch FC for football training, well there are many reasons why it is important for our children to partake in sports. 

Football encourages community spirit, teaches life skills, improve psychological and physical health and it is so much fun.  By enrolling your child at First touch they have to opportunity to partake in the beautiful game and a coach to help them strive and excel constantly to do better and to maximise the level of enjoyment.

We offer motivation, constructive criticism and tutoring to help children focus, learn disciplines, hone their bodies to ensure that they have the chance of succeeding, whether they just want to play for fun or one day turn professional. 

Children should bear in mind that they do not have to put their minds and bodies through extensive training programs, the important aspect is to strive every day to be faster, stronger, and fitter.

The role of our coaches is to:

  • Help individuals and teams enhance their performance.
  • Teach beginners the rules, tactics and techniques that are required to achieve perfection.

To build respect and trust, the relationship between the child and coach must be professional and strong.

By enrolling your child at a sports club, they get to make new friends and to improve their physical and mental health.  Even is your child has never played football our coaches will ensure that your child grasp the basics of football before progressing to anything too advanced. Some children have a natural talent and would like to go further, therefore it is important that they practice regularly to improve their talent. 

First Touch coaches assesses your child’s performance to identify areas in need of improvement, and our private sessions helps your child to focus on these specific needs, in a less intimidating environment.

Our coaches are professional, and they are aware that children are always growing and as they get older their bodies changes, which could affect their performances.  Our training programs are adapted to match the child’s mind and body changes.

Football coaching is not just about skills and development, there is so much more, our coaches look at the whole picture rather than just one part.  Our coaches meet high standards that proofs that they are trustworthy, competent and provide safe, fun-filled training for your children.

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