As we grow up, we have many choices in life of what we like to become, my choice was to become a coach.  Friends have asked me “why a football coach”? I did not even have to think why, my heart was set in becoming a coach for so many reasons, and I would like to share them with you today.

Coaching your kids give me the opportunity to spend more time with them at something I can help them have fun and enjoy mastering new skills in a safe environment.

Coaching children gives me the opportunity to have an important influence on their future and the community, this is not just big talk, ask any adult that played football and there is a good chance that they had great people who were their coaches. A great coach will be remembered for all the right reasons and kids will copy your example.

Being a coach gives me the chance to develop skills into something I have a passion for, and coaching football skills are full of challenges and rewards.

I have found that responsibility, leadership, and commitment have their own rewards and there is an abundant of rewards when you are a coach.  

My advice to young adults that are not sure what career they wish to choose, stop sitting in front of the TV or wandering the streets looking for something to do, pop in at your local football/sports club there may be opportunities to add a new dimension to your life as well as the lives of others.

With coaching you get to build contacts in your community and neighbourhood, this is something that will help you in your life.  It adds to your attractiveness to employers as these are re-worded to suit the job type, active member of my community shows reliability, purpose, and commitment.

Coaching is a full-on commitment and offers personal satisfaction, winning a competition, one game or having kids having loads of fun while they are learning the wonderful skills of football. 

Enrolling your children at First Touch gives them the opportunity to spend their weekends being active while they are taught the tactics, football skills and just having fun while they make new friends and learn about teamwork.

I enjoy the adrenaline and rush of excitement that coaching gives me every time I coach children whether it is for matchday, private sessions or practice sessions over weekends, as coaching football does make a difference.

So, remember if you are there for the game and the children, you have already won.

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