Unfortunately it has come to a point all around the world for people to stay home and work from home – this sounds like a dream, PJ’s all day, slacking off, working from the couch, but it can get bleak and unproductive pretty quickly if it is not approached the right way.

In order to stay healthy and fit it is best to try keep a regular routine, including getting dressed and grooming yourself like you usually would, eat breakfast and have a ritual to signal a transition into the workday, like taking a walk.

It might sound a bit strange to say get dressed like you are going work but if you do not put effort into yourself you will not put effort into anything else.

Working from home will give families time to enjoy having more spare time than usual.  For those who enjoy baking cookies get the family involved, try learning a new language, play games, help children with extra math, spelling or any subject that they might be struggling with at school.  Take a break enjoy watching TV or your favourite game on your iPad or game console.

For children keep crafts and games that they could play while you are working, but allowing more screen time than normal will not be a good idea, as children get bored quite quickly and could withdraw which could have a pretty profound effect on their moods – so try keep their life as “normal” as possible.

Frustration and boredom can come when kids are not getting the opportunities to be physically active.  Creative exercise ideas like playing football in your driveway or setting up an obstacle course could occupy both parents and children.  Micro-exercises such as jumping jacks etc. can also be an indoor activity.

Families should consider things they can do together, like taking on a project building something together or even rearranging the furniture. It can be hard for families who are used to all going off to their own activities daily and now forced to stay home.  Discipline is just as important and sometimes children will be squabbling as they are not used to being in the same space. If possible, create spaces in the house, like little zones or game zone areas and make it the chill-out corner.

Staying in touch is another critical component for good mental state and this time technology is our friend. Connecting and making time for friends on social medial or over the phone is important to adults to ensure that their friends and families are well.

Our children are used to highly social environments and will also need to connect with their friends.  Older children could create themes on Instagram or Snapchat where they can share their experiences and tips for their friends to stay “happy”.  Always ensure that their messages etc. are positive.  For younger children it might be an idea to schedule video calls with their friends.

For children that have been involved in football training or other sport, there is good news – First Touch is offering private football lessons, where it will only be the coach and your child, no handshakes or contact will be allow.  For more information visit www.first-touch.co.uk or email info@first-touch.co.uk.

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