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First Touch will engage your child in fun, creative and stimulating activities while you enjoy a productive weekend. With kids and parents in mind, our ultimate goal is for your family to have fun and be active! First Touch is providing a physical and social fun club for children between the ages of 5-13. This will take place in the fully equipped building of St. Joseph’s School. It is a full day programme that aims to advance children’s Mental, Physical and Social skills in a safe and warm environment.

At First Touch we also focus on small group training (3-5 children), by offering this service we have found that working with small groups of children, it is easy to maintain enthusiasm and to stick to the training schedule.  Also small group training makes training more fun and that can only be a good thing.

Our coaches have found that providing training to a small group of children, gives them the opportunity to notice when a child is slacking in their training and the coach can spend more time to understand the problem and why the child is slacking in the training.

With small group training the coach is able to offer personalised advice while the child is training. The key thing is that there is nowhere to hide when kids are part of a small group – this has positive results and means that the child is more motivated and driven to achieve their end goal.

Confidence is important for players of all ages.  For players getting started, small group training is a great way for them to get comfortable with the basics of the game.

As our players get more advanced, we want to help them develop position-specific skills, motor function skills, multitasking and reaction time.  First Touch small group lessons offer an unique opportunity for our coaches to focus on improving certain aspect of a child’s game.

Our small group training is the best time for children to voice what they would like to improve about their game and set both lesson and long-term goals

We have also found that with a small group, all benefit from helping and advising each other, resulting in a win-win situation for all.

Our highly skilled and qualified staff will be supervising throughout the day. Our varied programme caters for each individual child’s ability in a welcoming atmosphere. Please review the programme below and book at least 2 weeks in advance to avoid any disappointment, spaces usually fill up quickly.

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