Football has some of the most humorous and bizarre stories around that will leave your shaking your head in disbelief.

In 1945 Arsenal played a friendly against Dynamo Moscow at White Hart Lane in heavy fog.  Despite the urging of players to suspend play, the referee decided that play should go on.

During this game, the fog was so thick and resulted in both side playing by their own set of rules and suffering their own bad luck because of the inclement weather.

At one-point Moscow made a substitution but never took a player off the field, resulting that they had 15 players on the field.

Arsenal decided to make the best of the conditions by having one of their players, who had been sent off earlier, sneak back onto the pitch and playing for the remainder of the game.

Arsenal suffer some bad luck with their goalkeeper knocking himself out cold after running into the goalpost which he could not see as the fog was so thick.  A spectator decided to take the place of the goalkeeper and the match continued.

During the 2009/10 season, a match between Juventud Alianza and General Paz Juniors, in the qualifying round of the Apertura for the Ronda Final, after tying their two legs on a 3-3 aggregate, the clubs headed to penalty shootout.

This is pretty normal right!

Well the shootout ended with Juniors winning with 21-20 in the penalty shootout.  Even more amazing is the fact that there was only one missed penalty, the final penalty by Ruiz for Alainza had his penalty saved by the goalkeeper.

In April 1986, West Ham’s 8-1 home win against Newcastle United, defender Martin scored three goals against three different goalkeepers making him the only player to score his hat-trick in such a way. Martin netted his first goal against Newcastle’s goalkeeper Martin Thomas but due to an injury he was replaced by Chris Hedworth.  Martin then scored against the substitute keeper who was replaced by Peter Beardsley almost at the end of the match, but Martin was on the role and promptly scored again.

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