As a kid it did not take me long to find my bliss, since I can remember being able to kick a ball or hit a tennis ball against the wall brought me great joy.

Today it is so much easier with sport camps and clubs to help children find their bliss in playing sport, whether it is football, tennis, cricket etc. Multi-sports camps introduce children to a variety of sports and by the age of 7 or 8 children often want to take the next step to join a team to develop a steady passion for organized sports.

At First Touch we teach children the vital life skills, motivation, commitment, discipline, and cooperation.  Preschool children are still learning the fundamental motor skills and to get these motions down is critical to assist them to excel in sports later.  Our sports club offers amazing weekend sessions for kids aged 3-13 years, giving them the necessary skills to help them reach their goals.

For toddlers it is important to let them spend at least 60 minutes outside enjoying physical activities.  Try a variety of games some lead by you as the parent and games where your child calls the shots.  Kids gets a good workout just by running and climbing equipment in the park. Try to keep your child excited about exercise and to get them to think outside the box. 

If your child has tried out a few different sports, he/she has probably developed a preference, parents often make the mistake by enrolling their children for a sport that they enjoyed playing or sometimes even just watching.  So, ask your child what sport he would like play, he might hate playing cricket but loves playing football.

Before enrolling your child at a sports club, it is a good idea to explain to them that they need to be responsible and committed as they will have to see the term through from start to finish. Some children often wish to quit after two or three practices, especially if they are struggling or find it harder than what they expected, but if they preserve, they will improve their skills and enjoy play for another term.

Another important fact is to see the big picture as some parents dream about their child receiving college scholarships and playing as a professional player, but there is a possibility of pushing a child to the brink of burnout.  Try to remember that we want children to play a sport for emotional, physical development and social skills.  By setting  high standards could stress the child and develop fear of letting you down.

Children often compare their performance on the pitch to their teammates but should bear in mind that some children will have weight, height, and skill differences.  Children must be reminded that they need to focus on their own performance and learn to handle the errors when they occur, and not have a meltdown or wanting to quit every time something goes wrong during their game.  Tell your child that no one is perfect and that everyone makes mistakes, even professional players, when they are learning new skills.  Most of all always tell your child how proud you are of her/him for seeing them be committed and doing their best.

At First Touch our aim is to teach children in a friendly environment, the skills, and tactics of playing football and to ensure that they are having loads of fun while they are learning.

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