One of the most important things in youth football is how a football practice is organised. At First Touch our coaching involves so much more than designing play for free kicks or creating team formations.  Especially at youth level, coaching involves accepting a huge responsibility as coaches are basically in a position of trust as parents put their kids in their care.  So, a youth coach wears many hats!

Our coaches have the ability to communicate with players, parents, officials and coaching staff which are all a critical part of the job.  Communication is a positive way to show that coaches have the best interest in the player’s welfare.

We have found that when teaching a sport such as football, coaches must remember it is just a game and they want the players to have loads of fun.  Therefor we help all players to be the best they can by creating a fun and productive practice environment. 

During our training sessions we introduce the football rules, many rules can be taught in the first practice or during the game.  Our coaches are devoted to motivating players as this can make the difference between an average player and a champion.  Hard work and motivation will dramatically improve players skills and conditioning, improve execution, accelerate learning and improve everything a team needs to be successful.

We focus on game day direction including figuring out a starting line-up and a substitute plan relating to officials, opposing coaches and players in an appropriate manner and making good tactical decisions during games.  The focus is not winning at all costs, but rather on teaching kids to compete well and do their best while winning within the rules.

The young players need to have an understanding of fitness so that they can play football successfully and safely.  Often children do not think much about fitness, but at First Touch we introduce kids to the value of fitness and how important it is to stay fit.  Getting fit for football should be fun, by making it fun to play football kids develop good fitness habits for their lifetime.

It is important for coaches to explain the reason why kids are doing drills as quite often players do not understand why they are doing a certain drill and frankly they lose motivation as they do not truly believe the drill is helping them.  This is when the coach needs to put on his sales hat and explain the reason why the fundamentals and drills are so important.  Explaining the reason why, is a proven psychological trigger that causes kids to take a desired action.

We provide a safe environment for kids to play by regularly inspecting the fields and equipment to ensure that they in safe working order. 

Football helps kids develop character including learning, being honest, caring, respectful and taking responsibility.  Our coaches teach these values to players by demonstrating good behaviours themselves. Kids should understand that they should try to win the battle every play even though they might not be recognized for their efforts.

We recognize each player as an individual and provide a wholesome environment so that each kid has a chance to learn how to play the game without fear while having fun.

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