As a parent and a coach, I hope that when my kids get older their involvement in football will help build their character in a positive way. It is a wonderful way for them to learn to cooperate and work together for a common goal with other kids as well as appropriate response to defeat and victory.  Football helps kids grow in virtues like humility, patience, courage, and perseverance. 

I am a strong believer that partaking in football builds character, coaches and parents need to demonstrate through their actions and work the values of sports.  For kids to achieve anything as a leader, it is essential to get along with other kids.  When a kid plays in a football team, they must learn how to interact with their fellow teammates to accomplish scoring. This also includes beating the opponent and acting in a civilized way. 

Skills like these are important as kids can use it for life and still gain the benefits of physical activity for their health.

In the adult world we are often placed in challenging positions and need to take a few risks to make an effective decision.  Football and other sports provide the opportunity for kids to become the team captain and take on complicated strategies to make a winning play. When kids are put in a situation involving risky play to win the match, it provides kids with a scenario they may encounter later in life in the working world. 

By developing friendly competition, it helps kids to become an effective leader and our future generation must realize that competition is at every turn in their lives.  Football help to remove the fear of competition and they will learn how to master competitiveness later in life as they move up in their careers.

In football children learn that to succeed they need self-understanding and discipline, coaches teach them discipline that is needed to achieve skill, but First Touch coaches teach discipline to the point that children can recognize their own weaknesses and strengths, and this gives them the opportunity to perfect their weaknesses. 

At First Touch, we believe that character is your personality and reflect how reliable and honest you are.

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