We have found that around the world, boys and girls play the world’s most famous sport – football, the beautiful game.  Football is a sport for everyone, all that is needed is a football and a pitch.  Football has the power to unify people and break down cultural, economic, and religious boundaries.

Some of the amazing benefits of football are:

An important part of social development for kids are to make friends and football teams provide not only the opportunity to make friends, but also find a place where they can belong.  It builds self-esteem and confidence and creates a safe place to chat about tough issues.  Problem solving and feedback empowers the givers and receivers.

Building life skills – football helps kids build valuable life skills, decision-making, communication, problem-solving and through healthy competition football teaches the importance of cooperation and teamwork.

Together a team takes the ball towards the goal post, this is only possible through teamwork, by following this in their lives it will help then stay united and move forward.

Staying healthy and active is so important for kids and this is something that football does. Physical activity aids many health benefits like learning motor skills, coordination, and balance as well as muscular development.

Football promotes gender equality, and it is the core to effect and sustain development to help break down gender stereotypes. 

When it comes down to experiencing the joy of childhood, football is the game.  It offers an outlet for kids to play and have lots of fun and helps to encourage kids to enjoy their childhood and stay in school.

Often children just sit at home keeping them busy with TV, social media and play stations or just idle in their homes feeling very lonely.  Along with much-needed support, football has united and excited the kids helping them to transform their demeanours.

Just these few benefits are great to give your kids the opportunity to join First Touch FC for football and let them reap the benefits of playing the beautiful game.

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