When I played football for the first time, I was not aware that the experience would serve me a lifetime.  The friends I made on the pitch and the positive energy that motivated and inspired me, till today I’m still reminded of the good times I had and recall those wonderful memories with a smile.  During this period all the players were friendly and helped me feel as an equal part of the team.  Football contributed to my proper physical development and good posture and the strategies and tactics helped me tremendously in different aspects of life.

The most important contribution of football for children is the enhancement of physical and mental development.

One of the greatest things man has ever created is football, it offers unparalleled popularity and is a foundation of positive values.  Football is a powerful tool to break down the barriers and help kids feel good about themselves, mentally and physically. The benefits for kids playing football is endless, from developing physical skills, making new friends, loads of fun, exercise, learn to become a team member, playing fair and improving self-esteem.

Football offers kids the opportunity to develop positive character traits and soak up quality values.

 A child’s principles and character is formed through fair play and they can be a good role model for their peers from school, and friends.  Often they even inspire their friends to start playing football.

The benefits of social interaction and teamwork are best seen in football, as children learn that they are part of a team, they learn to win with class and lose with dignity.

At First Touch we strongly believe that children learn positive life lessons through football and they become honest and reliable adults who will always try to help other in need at any moment.

Our coaches are well aware of how important it is to not impose unrealistic expectation and goals on children from the start.  Our aim is for children to rather develop their physical and intellectual skills while having lots of fun, and gradually introduce them to like football so that it can become part of their life. Achievements, results, awards and medals may come later on through hard work, sacrifice and discipline.

As long as your children are involved in football they are in the world where they try to be as best as they can be.  Best of all they will learn how to overcome challenges and obstacles that will come their way.

Give your children the opportunity to enjoy football, enrol them at First Touch.

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