Keeping Kids Active

I took my daughter to the playground over the weekend and noticed the kids enjoying natural physical activities and how they just love to move around.  What might not be apparent is that swinging from the monkey bars and climbing to the top of a slide can help lead kids to a lifetime of being active.

As kids gets older, getting enough daily activity could be a challenge due to a feeling that they are not good at sports, busy working families, increasing school demands and a lack of active role models.

As a child I could freely roam the neighbourhood, but unfortunately, we as parents do not feel comfortable letting then roam around, so kids’ opportunities to be active might be limited. So, it is up to parents to teach a love of physical activities and help kids fit it into their daily lives.

Kids bodies can do the things they want and need to do when they are active because exercise provide strong muscles and bones, better sleep, a better outlook on life, maintain a healthy weight and decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

It has been found that active kids are more likely to be motivated, successful, and focused in school and mastering physical skills builds confidence at every age.

How do we encourage kids to be active?

  • Kids will not do something they do not enjoy, so keep the focus on fun.
  • Make sure you choose the right activities for your child’s age otherwise they might get frustrated and bored.
  • Sign them up at First Touch FC, this will offer them the opportunity to have fun, the equipment, and to meet new friends who have the same interests in being active.

Once a kid enjoys an activity, they would want to do more and by practicing a skill like football it will improve their abilities, feel accomplished especially when their effort is praised and noticed.

It is important to consider your kid’s fitness personality, genetics, traits, and athletic ability towards participation in sport. By understanding the concepts of temperament and fitness types you will be able to help your kid find the right activities and they will find enjoyment in physical activities.  There are some kids that want to pursue excellence in sport and others may be happy as casual participants.

All kids need to be physically fit, and a parent’s positive attitude will help a kid who is reluctant to exercise.