Life is competitive and kids learn that it is best to be good at things from a young age.  In kinder garden some kids can do things faster or better than other and in school some kids do very well in sports and others in spelling.  It is important for parents to teach their children to win and succeed as well as teaching them to loose.  By teaching them that losing is not the end of the world, kids learn that life is full of second chances.

By enrolling your kids at First Touch football league, they get the opportunity to experience winning a football game, as well as feeling good about themselves.  It helps them to see that they are good at something, which builds their self-confidence.  A confident child is more likely to develop a ‘can do attitude’ as the experience of winning helps children get motivated and to take the next steps to achieve bigger goals.

Good coaching teaching kids strategy and ways of being more clever than their opponents.  Placing emphasis on thinking more strategically helps the team to win and following the rules of the game. Participating in football league games teaches them the importance of teamwork, commitment, cooperating and respect for their opponent. 

When kids loose a game it helps them to develop in order to deal with negative experiences in  life when they get older.  So often after loosing a game kids might feel that it is not fair that their opponents were faster, but all kids have different talents.  Kids who do not experience losing can grow up to be anxious as they start seeing the possibility of not winning as some form of harm and they cannot deal with situations that do not go their way.

Football coaching teaches kids to learn from their mistakes and think about new strategies to improve.  By improving their skills they could win the next time and they keep getting better at football.  For kids learning new things increase their confidence and their self-belief and become proud of their abilities.  These skills are very important and it helps kids as they grow into adults in their working environment and all aspects of life.

Being part of First Touch league team, kids learn to identify themselves with others, showing empathy towards other children and help them realise that at some stage everyone struggles in life.

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