I woke up incredibly early this morning, made myself a cup of tea and sat down on the coach with my feet up.  The first thing that came to my mind was the festive season and everything that we all do preparing for the holidays.  Each year we try and improve on what we did last year and to add memories to our memory bank.

I found myself reminiscing about my childhood, as my passion is football, the first great memory that came to mind was my dad telling me about his football World Cup experience.  This happened as I was getting my football to go to the park with some of my friends to play.  I could see the glimmer in my dad’s eyes and the smile on his lips as he sat down and started talking.

My dad told me that my uncles and aunts had decided to have a family get together to watch the World Cup match, England against West Germany on 30th July 1966, this was obviously before I was born.  The aunts and my mum had put up a wonderful display of foods and they were all up for a wonderful day of magical football. 

As my dad spoke, I could see the excitement building up as he remembered every detail of the match.  He continued telling me about Geoff Hurst who was the hero of England’s 4-2 Wembley triumph after completing a unique final hat-trick with 2 extra-time goals, his second strike cannoned down off the underside of the crossbar and landed behind the goal-line.  For England, the 1966 showpiece offered the opportunity to finally make their mark on the FIFA World Cup.

Remembering the excitement on my dad’s face as he told me about the amazing game, I got to thinking how proud a parent must feel to maybe one day watch their child play in a World Cup game.  It made me realize being a football coach and offering children the opportunity to learn the skills of football, could possibly give a child the opportunity to become a professional player when they grow up.

Just imagine one day you and your family getting together to watch the World Cup, the excitement building up while you do your preparation, if you are not lucky enough to be a spectator at the game, switching on the TV and watching you child run onto the field.  You will know that every weekend you offered up taking them to training or a league match was worth every second.

First Touch journey began in 2011 and since then the club has been growing fast.  We are a group of extremely passionate and inspiring individuals and we believe in kid’s development and in nurturing their skills and abilities all at their own pace.  Our aim is to create a fun and safe environment for your children to develop their passion for football into something more, and who knows maybe one day your child will be one of the famous world cup football players.

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