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1 Saturday football
Sports Done Right

When your child starts developing a passion for sports the best you can do is enrol them at a good sports club.  A sports club is the ideal place to develop your child’s skills in sports and it is essential for social skills. At First Touch we give your child the opportunity to develop, offer […]

First Touch training in hydepark
One Step at a Time

For those of us who are going back to work, feeling overwhelmed with things to do can be tough.  Sometimes things we need to do like kids back to school, work, friends, and family could feel like they are taking over and you just do not have the energy or time to do it.  Here […]

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How to get Kids Involved in Sports

Unfortunately, today more and more kids are starting to live sedentary lives and are prone to obesity at a young age. Technology is wonderful and we cannot go without it, but it almost seems like kids are born with some form of technology toy in their hands instead of a pacifier and baby toys. Extensive […]

Fruit & Veggies
The Power of Fruit & Vegetables

How much thought do you give to the amount of fruit and vegetables you consume daily?  Fruit and vegetables also provide carbohydrates for energy, an excellent source of Phyto-nutrients, minerals and vitamins, antioxidants like vitamins A and C.  Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene gives the dark green and orange colour of many vegetables […]

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Sports and the Brain

As kids grow up and participate in sport, they learn to throw a curve ball, shoot a free throw, or hit a backhand, the muscle they are strengthening the most is the brain.  Physical movement affects the brain and increases the cerebral capillary growth, produces proteins, and increases blood flow, and cells that both impact […]



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