During this trying time, we come to realise that life is hardly ever the fairy-tale we hope it will be.  Twists and turns and unexpected curveballs sometimes make it hard to keep our head above water.  It is crucial to try and stay positive during the hardest times and we will realise that we are stronger than what we ever imagined. There is comfort to be found in knowing that life might be tough, but you are tougher and positive emotions helps us see the endless possibilities in life.

Furthermore, being happy and positive is good for your brain and wires it to seek out more happiness.  Positive thinking stimulates the growth of nerve connections, increases mental productivity, improves attentiveness and helps you think and analyse more efficiently.  Keeping it positive, especially in the dark time, is so much more important than we probably realise.  In fact, it is crucial for your good health.

So, now we know that staying positive is a must, how do you keep your children positive?  A great start will be to enrol them at First Touch (www.first-touch.co.uk)  for football training, where they can forget about the negativity that is going around and be a child having fun and at the same time receiving football training. First Touch coaches will ensure that there are no handshakes or try keep contact to minimal. Football helps introvert children be more extrovert and extrovert children learn to accept society in a better way.

Football significantly contributes to higher self-esteem that will boost children’s confidence and personality.  It helps prevent depression and makes children feel happier the moment they step onto a football field and having a great time with their friends this in turn will make them feel more positive.   

Always bear in mind that perspective is key– if you are in a bad situation, odds are it is not permanent.  Continually remind yourself that you just need to hang in there a little longer.

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