PLEASE NOTE: The prices are changed every Monday for the following term.

Season to include wider ages and more teams.

This booking is for 2 x 1 hour Private Lessons and two hours of Football training. 7 Saturdays or 7 Sundays between: 5th September 2020 and 18th October Only. This is an Outdoors class

The Bronze Package includes the following:

  • 2 x 1 Hour Private Lessons
  • 7 x Saturday OR Sunday Football Sessions from 10-12pm.


Sometimes, a little extra focus and care can go a long way.  This is why we offer one-on-one private sessions. We can focus on your child’s skills and weaknesses in a less pressurising and intimidating atmosphere.  Whether we need to focus on footwork, goalkeeping or general confidence in playing football, we’ve got your child!

Private sessions can be arranged before or after the usual weekend sessions.  We can also accommodate private sessions before or after school depending on coach availability.


There are 7 weekends of the term 5th September 2020 to 18th October 2020.  This booking is for a two hours of Football training.

Please arrive 10 minutes early.  Location is Hyde Park, South Carriage Drive,
London W2 2UH

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