During the time spent indoors kids usually face several situation and challenges which help them in developing vital skills.  Interacting with each other can help them develop and improve their imagination and learn to be more curious and expressive.

As a parent pretend that you are going to your favourite indoors sport clubs sipping a cup of tea or coffee while you are waiting for your kids to finish their sport.

These games are great indoor fun that constantly requires hand-eye coordination:

  • Balloon Smash (could be noisy).

You would need two balloons for each player, preferably the balloons should be different colours.  Tie two-foot long string to the ends of each balloon and give each player the same colour balloon and have them tie one to each leg.  Separate the teams on either side of the room/area.  When you say “go” the kids must try to pop the balloons on the other team by stepping on the balloons.  When both balloons have popped the player is out.  The team with the last balloon remaining wins.

  • Blanket Volleyball.

This game is just like normal volleyball, but each team gets a blanket.  The team should stand around the edge of the blanket and stretching it out so that it is tight.  The serving team should place the ball on the blanket then loosening the blanket and pull it tight to try throw the ball over the net.  The other team uses their blanket to catch the ball and throw it back over the net.

  • Balloon Ping Pong. 

Securely tape an ice cream stick (or similar) to the back of a paper plate to form a racket.  Blow up the balloon and put tape on the ground to serve as a net.  Let the kids hit the balloon back and forth across the “net”.  The kids may only hit the balloon once to get it over the net and if they miss or the balloon touches the ground the other player scores a point.  The first player to score the number of point you decide on wins.

  • Paper Aeroplane Race. 

You will need paper and colour pens for decorating. Fold a paper aeroplane and get the kids to draw the pilots in the front and the passengers looking out of the windows.  The kids will have to throw the aeroplane as far as they can to see who gets the furthest.

Think of the lock-down in a positive way at least we know where our kids are at all times and they are safe.  It gives us the opportunity to spend more quality time together as a family, be creative and patient, hopefully before we know we are back to the crazy rushed lives that we had before.

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